Your Best Year Ever at the Point

How is  2018 going to be for you? A good year? A great year?

It could be your best year ever, but it’s going to be just the same as usual unless things change. This month @ the Point we’re looking at people who met Jesus and how their lives were changed for ever. We begin with Peter this Sunday (7th January).

We meet at Hexham Priory School @ 4pm for Point 1 (Holiday Club style activities for all ages together), 4:45pm for Point 2 (free pizza and chips) then 5:30pm for Point 3 (teaching and worship).

All are welcome to come along and join in……

A special note – the school now has a new parking barrier, so cars need to come in via the White Cross entrance.


Christmas @ the Point

ChristingleThis  Sunday @ the Point we meet at Hexham Priory School at 4 o’clock for our Christingle service. All are welcome as we meet together – there won’t be a full meal this week but there will be tea and biscuits.

Then on Monday, Christmas Day, we meet at the Rocket Park at 10am. Bring your presents to show us and celebrate the birth of Jesus.

This week @ the Point

This week @ the Point we have our Noisy Nativity – if you’ve always wanted to be Mary, Joseph, the innkeeper or a Roman Soldier, come along and join in. You can bring your own costume from the dressy-up box, although we have a limited number of extras to offer. We’ll be altogether with the children and we start at 4 o’clock.

The meal is burger and fries.

All welcome.

This week @ the Point

This Sunday (3rd December) @ the Point at 4 o’clock we are looking at “You shall have no other gods beyond Me”.

There will be children’s activities for the crèche, Explorers (Reception to Year 2) and the older children.

The meal is baked potato with a selection of Bolognese, Cheese, Beans and Tuna.

All are welcome at Hexham Priory School.