This week @ the Point

This Sunday (3rd December) @ the Point at 4 o’clock we are looking at “You shall have no other gods beyond Me”.

There will be children’s activities for the crèche, Explorers (Reception to Year 2) and the older children.

The meal is baked potato with a selection of Bolognese, Cheese, Beans and Tuna.

All are welcome at Hexham Priory School.


This week @ the Point

This week (22nd October) at the Point we meet at 4 o’clock at Hexham Priory School for another in our series Just 10, this time looking at “You shall not murder”. Is pacifism a realistic choice in today’s world? Do we need armies? Do we need nuclear weapons? Come and have your say. There’s food for all and fun activities for the children. Come and see!