This week @ the Point

This week @ the Point (Sunday 3rd September) we meet at 4 o’clock at Hexham Priory School for Altogether Church. We’ll be looking at Exodus19:3-8 and the giving of the Law and we’ll be altogether with videos, games and fun.

The free meal is burger and chips.

Everybody’s welcome!


Today @ the Point

Today (13th August) @ the Point we continue the theme of Hexham Holiday Club and God’s Mission Rescue of the Israelites as we look at water from a stone.

There will be games, songs and the puppets.

This week’s light meal for the summer holidays is coffee and cake.

Everyone’s welcome at Hexham Priory School.

Holiday Club @ the Point

This week @ the Point we are at the Bandstand for Hexham Holiday Club. We meet at 10 o’clock on Sunday 23rd July for the opening service. Then each day we’re at the Bandstand from Monday to Friday at 10 o’clock for fun, puppets, games and custard pies. Holiday Club is completely free and children from birth to Year 7 are welcome.

There will be no service at 4pm at the school this week.